When implementing Agile development practices at the enterprise level, business executives and Portfolio Managers should consider looking at How Work Happens within the organization. This technique provides a good tool to assess where you stand and where to focus.


How Work Happens includes all the processes and practices it takes to move a digital product from idea through to implementation and ongoing support.

This is a high-level process diagram that illustrates “How Work Happens” in a typical organization following Lean and Agile practices. The diagram includes the four main steps or rituals as work moves through the process of getting done.

Agile Chart


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Strategic roadmap development is designed to ensure you can both:
— Focus on right things
— Fend off wrong things

The ritual anticipates that the Strategy Management Team and Product/Demand Owners representing the different areas of the organization (typically including Product, Channel, Platform and Technology) will bring their imperatives and strategic initiatives to the planning table. Each idea will be passed through a Prioritization Framework (PFW), which will