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In Fall 2016, we became a Google Analytics Certified Partner (one of only two in New Jersey). The process was intensive. Here is why we invested the time and effort.

Google has made a noticeable strategic shift towards the enterprise market in recent years–first with the release of Analytics Premium and now with the recent development of the Analytics 360 Suite. For many, Google hasn’t been considered a real alternative in the enterprise analytics market. However, with recent product developments, Google has made significant progress.

Google has expanded its array of products from Analytics and Tag Manager offerings to a more diverse stack of digital tools, including solutions for cloud infrastructure, machine learning, data management (BigQuery), data reporting (Data Studio), content personalization (Optimize) and audience building (Audience Center). The Google Analytics 360 Suite offers a clear roadmap for mid-sized and large enterprises to further their digital transformation efforts. As companies look to thin their digital marketing stacks in coming years, Google will be a player leveraging its core strength in search.

The 360 suite provides the necessary insights for marketing, management and user experience teams to monitor, personalize, continuously optimize and validate strategic digital decisions. Our team is excited about the effort Google has made to position themselves as an industry leader and we have been utilizing these tools for our clients with great success.

We were accepted as a Google Partner due to our innovative work with start-ups, universities and enterprise clients. Our recent experience includes large Google Tag Manager implementations, micro-segment activation campaigns and optimized strategic reporting platforms.

We are happy to share our insights and expertise. Feel free to reach out for more information.

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