Business Agility is a culture, not a process. Discipline, good process and skill deployment can help with that cultural transformation and reap the rewards agile businesses enjoy over their less agile competitors.


The pace of digital change is accelerating… rapidly. Customer expectations, led by new norms around digital and user experience, and generational shifts toward adoption, are putting unprecedented pressure on businesses to adapt and to transform and innovate! It is no longer feasible to build a digital product and enhance it through legacy major version releases. Competitors are delivering new features monthly, weekly, even daily.

How are these more agile firms able to do that?

Business Agility is about recognizing that traditional organizational structures and processes are just that… traditional. By design, they enable command-and-control styles of management, and may be suitable for “presiding” over a seldom-changing, status-quo business environment. But who lives in that world any longer? Competitors can pop up overnight with digital experiences and capabilities straight out-of-the-box that outpace your own.

Business Agility requires new thinking, new structures, new processes, new skills and new tools. That’s daunting, but also very achievable for any organization interested in transforming. The result is a nimble, competitive and compelling business, offering ever-increasing value to ever-demanding clients, at lower costs and faster