We’ve seen technologies go extinct and watched design fads pass and that’s why we continually look ahead to what’s next.

We bring the same creativity, passion and agility to our work today as we did back when we founded DefinedLogic in 2002.

By focusing on those things that don’t change, thoughtful, creative work – we relish the everchanging landscape of technology and look forward to each new challenge with excitement.



Why do we do what we do? Because we can’t stop doing it. We are born problem solvers and perfectionists. We love the challenge of finding creative solutions to tricky problems and exceeding client expectations at every turn.

Lynn Shaw

Lynn Shaw

Mike Simon

Cory Kazar

Jane Amery

Derek Riddle

Gordon Forsyth

Gordon Forsyth

Mike Pipercic

Alison Lamano

Brian Londregan

Dave Yurkanin

Jason Unterman

Jim Corcoran

Robert Arace

Rob Arace

Yasir Rather


We are a diverse group of individuals who collectively work as an exceptional team.

DL Team


Our team welcomes the curious, passionate and life-long learners who are excited by problem solving. Collaboration, work-life balance, continued learning and fun are all essential components of what makes us continue to grow.

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