Oct 19, 2020 Gordon Forsyth

The AAAs of Data-Driven Marketing

Focusing on the “3 As” of data-driven engagement can help marketing executives optimize automated campaigns for measurable growth.

Keeping up with the opportunities that data-driven marketing approaches have created for brands is no simple task. Choosing which levers to pull for effective engagement that drives conversions and lasting brand affinity is even more difficult.

Based on recent project experience working with B2B and B2C brands in various markets, our approach focuses on three key areas. Keeping the “3 As” of data-driven marketing in mind will keep you focused on successful business results.


Starting at the top of the funnel or very early in the customer journey, depending on how you choose to look at it, activation strategies are designed to start customers down the path toward knowing your brand better. Well before developing a preference for your brand, customers need a compelling reason to take the first step. We have found that micro-segmentation based on a combination of first-party customer profile data and third-party market intelligence can show you where to focus investment. Using digital personas based on these data profiles helps to reveal content strategies that convert while building a foundation for brand affinity.


Once they get to know you better, customers need to be moved to adopt your brand as a valued part of their lives, whether for business or pleasure or both.

  • If you sell products, explaining how your product makes someone’s life more enjoyable is one thing. Demonstrating that value through immersive digital experience can be more effective.
  • If you sell services, particularly in B2B sectors, building and maintaining customer relationships is time-consuming and almost never handled exclusively through digital channels. However, educational content experiences can build affinity and support adoption throughout the customer journey. This is where many marketing funnels get stuck. Ask yourself: Am I doing enough online to demonstrate value and earn my customer's trust and loyalty?


If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there. So goes the quote from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, and there are plenty of rabbit holes to get lost in when it comes to data-driven marketing. Without a strategic analytics framework aligned to specific business objectives, a tagging strategy aligned to well-crafted customer journeys, and reporting to stitch it all together, you will struggle to capture the insights required to execute your campaign to full potential.

Our enterprise analytics experience, working as a Google Analytics Partner and Adobe Partner, informs us to ensure that a strategic framework is in place to align insights directly to priority business KPI. Instead of asking yourself what you want to track, ask yourself why you want to measure it. Ask which business decisions will be supported by your data-driven insights.

The Fourth A: Agility

Faulty assumptions are table stakes for getting into the data-driven marketing game. Accept the fact that you will make mistakes. At every stage of activation and adoption, use multivariate testing, content experiments, and good old creativity to unlock the right communications for each of your target personas. An agile iterative approach to campaign optimization is critical. With the right analytical insights, digital personas, and content experimenting, you will be empowered to move past the bad assumptions quickly, optimize for success, and focus on the big prizes.

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