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Based in the heart of Manhattan, Ascendant New York is a state-of-the-art luxury detox facility focused on helping New Yorkers begin their recovery from opioid and alcohol addiction.

A group of addiction specialists and investors came to us with a new concept to bring a medically supervised detox facility into the heart of Manhattan. They wanted this brand to be personal, professional and accessible to those with high standards for comfort and care. Defined Logic was tasked with building the brand from the ground up. search screen


Understanding your users with personas


Our early realization was how powerful and deeply personal the struggle with addition is and we aimed to honor that as we worked though how to best position the brand to reach those in need.

We had to start with understanding the person behind the addiction and did so through interviews, statistical and qualitative research. We then created personas and customer journeys to help identify the various steps and touchpoints from their addition to their recovery. These gave us the map we would need to make sure the brand would resonate with potential clients.


Combining our insights with the direction from the client on how they wanted to be positioned in the in the industry, we worked to create a name, brand identity, and tone. We then applied this brand voice and aesthetic to the company’s physical and digital experiences. Once the Ascendant New York brand was conceived, we completed the visual identity including the iconic “A” logo and tagline, “Recovery above and beyond”.

Relying on market research and available digital analytics, we further refined how to reach our audiences through the proper channels. We wanted to reach potential clients as well as doctors who would be referring their patients to Ascendant. Our multi-channel strategy rested strongly on discretion and personalization utilizing robust print materials and a variety of digital channels focusing on the NYC market.

Combining excellent user experience with a sophisticated and elegant design, we created a website that would showcase the quality of the staff and faculty while answering the critical questions of potential clients.
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With the print materials, website and ad campaigns complete, our clients have launched Ascendant New York and are poised to reach those in need and connect them to their life-saving services.
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