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Bernardo Fashions is a national design and distribution company for high-end women’s coats. Their products are sold by luxury retailers and also directly through their website. Their signature innovation is ‘EcoPlume’, clothing insulation made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Bernardo wasn’t seeing the results they expected from their online store and wanted insight into how best to allocate their digital marketing spend with the overall goal of increasing their ecommerce revenue. search screen


Optimizing their digital marketing


Before planning any campaigns, DefinedLogics’s marketing manager first met with key Bernardo product owners and worked with them to tighten their audience definition. With a clearer understanding of what’s being sold and who’s most likely to buy, new marketing messaging was written to speak directly and compellingly to those customers. The team decided to create keywords for specific materials and styles, since customers shopping for coats usually had a good idea of what they were looking for.

To reach the target demographic, it was determined that Instagram, Facebook, and Google Search were the best platforms to focus marketing efforts on. The sophisticated targeting these platforms offered enabled Bernardo to advertise to the customers most likely to convert.


With this renewed focus, the team identified search keywords and targeting attributes most likely to generate customer interest and then organized them into several Paid Search and Paid Social campaigns.

DefinedLogic’s marketing manager closely monitored campaign performance once they went live. Using analytics platforms to track what worked and what didn’t, the messaging and spend was continuously fine-tuned for maximum conversion.

This constant analysis also led to user experience problems being uncovered and fixed. For example, the site’s mobile version placed the ‘Add-to-Cart’ button at the bottom of the page, where customers rarely saw it. Once found, the button was moved and conversions increased.
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Optimizing their digital marketing resulting in an astounding 73% increase in revenue year-over-year. The aforementioned mobile experience improvement alone increased mobile conversions by 67%. Now, every $1 spent on ads results in $5.73 in revenue, where before the return was only $3.02, an increase of 89%. DefinedLogic to support Bernardo through continued campaign tracking and further refinement of marketing assets.
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