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Brightstar Halo is a global provider of device protection programs. They aim to keep customers and their carriers connected and protected with their mobile devices.

Brightstar Halo was looking for a better way to share program performance data with its clients. Through increased transparency and accessibility, Brightstar hoped to further engage its existing customers while also attracting new clients through a customer-centric portal experience.

In a series of discovery workshops, the Brightstar and DefinedLogic team imagined a client portal that would allow for ongoing collaboration and provide real-time subscriber, claim, customer service and financial data. Security would be a critical requirement because of the sensitivity of Brightstar’s client data. The portal experience would also need to be responsive so that customers could access their data any time from any device.
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An experience for ongoing collaboration


Running with these key features as a guide, we created a high-level release plan, utilizing wireframes and prototypes to illustrate portal functions. A constant flow of communication allowed our design and development teams to build in harmony with one another, employing an agile methodology to track progress and assess the impact of new or changed requirements. A fundamental component for the success of this client portal laid with the ability to present Power BI Reports, a business analytical service provided by Microsoft, which created both development and deployment challenges.

Power BI reports are not responsively rendered to auto adjust to different screen sizes. Therefore, custom handling of report layout changes based on the current screen width of the display device was required. On the deployment side, since the SQL Server Analysis Services data source was hosted within the Brightstar premises, embedding Power BI reports from the Azure cloud service posed a significant challenge in allowing the cloud-based report service to access the data. After architecting and prototyping all possible solutions, we determined the appropriate course of action was to set up and configure a data gateway to broker authenticated data requests and responses, securely through corporate firewalls.


The results, ReportIT, a custom-built secure user- friendly reporting portal was delivered under budget and by the clients deadline. The first release includes the display of several key reporting metrics at varying levels of detail including presentation of 18 Power BI reports. The portal’s admin capabilities allow Brightstar account managers to regularly collaborate with their customers by uploading financial reports and entering free-form explanations of each month’s activity. The portal is highly secure and provides an exceptional user experience on all devices.
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A highly secure and UX friendly portal was launched, successfully integrating 18 Power BI reports for a seamless experience, enhancing Brightstar account mangers efficiency.
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