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Flo is a financial industry start-up that works with one of America’s leading insurance companies to transform how financial advisors work with their clients. Flo is more than an app. It’s a community of people who are connected through a platform of strategists, partners, and products, which share the common purpose of achieving financial independence.

DefinedLogic has served as Flo’s full-service digital partner since 2017 when it first helped to conceptualize the desired customer experience by crafting a viable business model and solutioning the technology platform required to make the business successful. We helped shape the brand identity and designed the company’s go-to-market strategy, including web presence and every brand asset across channels. We then developed two applications for Flo – a mobile app for clients and a web app for advisors – on top of a transaction management platform that is integrated with two of the nation’s leading financial institutions. We have continued to support the successful launch of Flo’s initial pilot in July 2019 and have plans for future releases that continue through 2020. search screen


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After initially working with Flo’s founders to identify key features of the future app experience, Flo tasked DL with identifying a go-to-market strategy that would drive the company forward. We worked strategically with Flo’s leadership to develop a business model and adoption strategy rooted in supporting the connection between financial advisors and their clients. By implementing rather than pursuing disintermediation, Flo decided based on our recommendations to pursue a channel partnership that has resulted in a successful pilot launch.


Identifying the right minimum viable product (MVP) for Flo was crucial to its success. Our team of experts came together to identify, design and develop an MVP that would deliver on the Flo promise. This included providing a cross-functional team of product strategists, product marketing experts, experienced designers and developers with a clear vision for the client’s success in the marketplace. An integrated approach provided a quick market launch that proved to be an efficient use of Flo’s launch development budget.
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Flo launched its initial pilot in July 2019, utilizing 10 general agencies and 100 advisors who signed on to do business with clients. The company is in the process of supporting those advisors, now known as Flo Strategists, through onboarding of clients and personalization of the customer experience. Flo expects to start development on a new release of the Flo app in Q1 2020 with additional functionality for empowering advisors to change the course of their clients’ financial future.
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