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The client hired DefinedLogic to reinvigorate the company’s digital experience to underline their position as a bold industry leader. A survey conducted by a trusted communications firm indicated that visitors to the client’s website were not connecting with the company’s brand and that the corporate website was difficult to navigate. More than 40% of visitors said they were not able to complete the task that they went to the site to accomplish. Additionally, the site was running on an obsolete CMS that experienced intermittent outages, negatively impacting brand perception and impeding utilization of a critical consumer touchpoint. search screen


A Bold Reimagining


The first objective was to ‘reimagine’ their brand experience with an emphasis on better information architecture and on presenting the company as a ‘bold’ leader in the pharmaceutical space. The second was to identify a technology solution that would provide a robust and stable environment to support a website serving millions of visitors each year.

To achieve these goals, DefinedLogic put in place an integrated digital product team that included product managers, business analysts, user experience architects, designers, content strategists, and developers. Our team partnered closely with both the client’s corporate communications staff and their IT team to ensure we understood their concerns and the improvements that were needed.

To drive the company’s technology forward, a plan was put in place to globally migrate their current websites from Kentico CMS to the current version of the market-leading Sitecore CMS platform.


After meeting with key stakeholders in multiple business units we completely reinvented the website with an emphasis on personalized customer journeys. The DL team crafted a bold, user-centric design around key user personas (media, job seeker, health care provider, investor and patient/caregiver) and streamlined the experience so that visitors were able to quickly and reliably accomplish their goals. This growth-focused solution leveraged Sitecore Analytics profiles and Sitecore path analyzer. These tools, along with Google Tag Manager, will provide analytics on how specific personas and users interact with the site and will empower the client to further refine and customize the user experience.

On the technical side, the teams implemented a scalable cloud-based architecture using Microsoft Azure to support over 30 global websites. The sites themselves were migrated to Sitecore CMS to ensure future stability and flexibility.
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The redesigned website launched on the Sitecore CMS to rave reviews. The experience energized the brand and set the new standard for how pharmaceutical companies market themselves to health care providers, investors, and customers, both current and potential.

With a scalable technical solution, video media integration, and interactive functionality that highlights the client’s cutting edge R&D pipeline, their new website is positioned to succeed for many years to come.
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