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For more than 140 years, Prudential Financial has helped individual and institutional customers grow and protect their wealth by solving investment, insurance, & retirement challenges.

Prudential has eight product owners today who are serving as the vital link between the needs of the business and digital value creation. For reasons of competitive delivery, Prudential needed us to apply our agile expertise to help accelerate the effectiveness of the product owner role; warranting that these critical resources operate at the highest level of maturity. search screen


A product handbook for the digital product ecosystem


Our team analyzed the baseline performance of each department, to better grasp where administrative and prioritizing bottlenecks occurred uncovering several fundamental departmental needs. Marrying our knowledge of lean-agile frameworks and input collected from the stakeholder ecosystem we developed a framework-led approach that allowed us to compare best practices to those currently in place. This unique approach allowed us to both introduce best practices in a collaborative way and gain on-the-ground agreement.


We designed and developed a complete product handbook for the entire Prudential Financial digital product ecosystem that included executive management, product strategy, marketing, and development. This newly implemented process aimed to helped greatly improve communication between IT and Business. In addition, the DefinedLogic team worked shoulder to shoulder consulting with and training their entire staff on it the new processes.
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Prudential Financial began seeing positive improvements in their product delivery and organizational “friction” even before project completion. Our approach allows us to change the collaborative thinking process, such that positive results can begin to appear almost immediately. Prudential Financial has since continued maturation and continuous improvement by leveraging the governance design that we implemented with them.

Through collaboration and trust, DefinedLogic successfully helped implement an Agile approach to product delivery, streamlining the business and IT intake process and decreasing bottlenecks and increasing new product go-to-market delivery.
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