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RiskSpan is a financial risk management company that leads innovation in their industry through the power of the Edge Platform. It’s an end-to-end financial risk management solution for data management, modeling, and visualization, built on a secure and scalable cloud platform that is utilized by the industry’s leading capital market, banking, and insurance companies. Among the benefits RiskSpan delivers for clients, the most important is bringing clarity to complex financial data to allow for informed decision making. Though they are on the cutting edge within their industry, their marketing efforts were falling behind. They utilized Salesforce to manage potential leads, but its effectiveness was diluted as they tried to cater to every contact rather than pursue the most valuable. Their website was in a similar situation. It needed to make better use of their data and reflect their dedication to making information efficient, intuitive, and actionable. DefinedLogic was brought in to help RiskSpan apply the same focus to their digital experience that was already present in their enterprise tools. search screen


Reaching the right customers


Websites tend to grow in stops and starts in response to the changing marketplace. In order to eliminate the noise that accumulates over the years, we led the client in the analysis needed to identify their core goals and core customers. Profiles detailing the personas of their target audience formed the basis of a revamped marketing strategy. Using analytics and insights from varying stakeholders, we produced detailed audience segmentation. Knowing who their customers are let us know what they value most from RiskSpan, therefore we developed a content strategy based on messaging that spoke directly to these customers’ interests An important touchpoint for this activation strategy was RiskSpan’s website. We believe websites should be more than online brochures; they are important customer touchpoints that should be built to add complementary value to the brand experience. In this case, would be redesigned to highlight its key strength: its rich library of valuable content. Finally, to drive the company’s technology forward, a plan was put in place to globally migrate their current website to the latest version of the market-leading WordPress CMS platform.


We used our persona data to layout ideal user journeys. These journeys formed the blueprints for email streams and activation maps for the marketing technology configurations. Now, they would be able to create effective content, distribute it, and measure its performance. A bright and colorful redesign refreshed and gave it an approachable feel. With WordPress and smart plug-in integration, the site was customized to fit RiskSpan’s needs. All of their most valuable content assets were migrated into the improved library experience. Engagement was driven through Salesforce and Pardot. A digital marketing strategy was implemented that leveraged lead scoring and smart segmentation for targeted marketing.
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Thanks to these technology and process improvements, RiskSpan now has much greater control over their marketing and publishing. They are consistently making contact with potential leads through the dissemination of content from industry experts. The site, which was built in the agile, MVP mindset, is also something that continues to improve after launch. The backlog ensures that what is worked on makes sense given its priority and the level of effort involved. The discipline of letting strategy be driven by real data ensures they’ll be able to react quickly to the changing market and optimize their content output. As more customer interaction data is gathered, RiskSpan can easily make improvements through WordPress’s simple interface. Armed with these new practices, RiskSpan can continue to refine their site, publish valuable content, and deliver it to their most important customers.
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