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Spirent is a multinational telecommunications testing company. Their services cover everything from equipment field tests to network performance improvement to ensuring the safety of autonomous driving tech. Among their clients are AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint.

Spirent launched a rebranded version of their website in Spring 2019. They updated their design and reorganized the page taxonomy in an attempt to streamline how users found information. The goal was to make their products and services clear and accessible, but the opposite occurred: site traffic began to decrease. The new was showing up much less frequently in organic searches on Google and Bing.

Spirent brought in DefinedLogic to determine the reason for this poor performance and to optimize the site so that it would be easily found and promoted by search engines. search screen


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Our data analyst quickly identified the main problem. The code for Spirent’s new pages was missing crucial pieces meta-data, information search engines look for when determining which results to display.

Further opportunities for improvement were identified in the user experience. Analysis revealed that many of Spirent’s most important pages were several clicks deep into the site, forcing users to work harder to find what they’re looking for. We also found a subtle navigation issue with the UI which prevented users from interacting easily with dropdowns. These problems needed to be fixed to prevent the user frustration that lead to a high bounce rate and a less likely chance of being seen in future searches. Our strategy prioritized the immediate issues that were negatively affecting SEO. Once the site was back on equal footing with its competitors, we would create and implement a proactive plan to continue pushing the site up in search rankings.


While the UX issues were being fixed by the Spirent team, our data-analyst audited the meta-data for every page on the site. We found that’s pages were using page titles, page headers (H1s), and URLs that were too long or unclear. Many of them didn’t have page titles or headers at all.

To create this meta-data, our team did research and found keywords that were getting a lot of searches but weren’t heavily contested by Spirent’s competitors. These keywords formed the basis for the content we used when replacing the missing and non-optimized fields.

For the larger task of pushing up in the search rankings, delivered a link building strategy to the Spirent team. To boost the site’s credibility and audience, the plan was to create compelling landing pages, and to directly contact the webmasters of other sites to make the case for them to add a link to ours.
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Using our new keywords, we fixed the meta-data which lead to a 43% lift in impressions and a 33% lift in clicks.

We continue to partner with Spirent to further boost their visibility through marketing campaigns and link building. Using the stronger reporting capabilities of Google’s Data Studio allows our teams to have dynamic insight to how the site is performing and make tweaks as needed.
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