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Higher Ed Gets New Class of Digital Experience


Monmouth University is a growing mid-sized private university located on New Jersey's central shore that entrusts DefinedLogic as partner in transformative learning.

Under the leadership of president Dr. Paul R. Brown, Monmouth embarked on a community-driven process in 2013 to envision a unique personalized learning experience for all undergraduate and graduate students. The result was a strategic plan that details the university’s commitment to a future of transformative learning. 


After meeting with university leadership to understand the nature of their plan for the future, our digital brand engagement team conceived and designed an integrated launch experience. Leveraging a central theme from the text, we developed a digital storytelling scroll experience, produced a custom video and designed compelling visualizations to engage target audiences.

Monmouth's Strategic Plan Website


Based on the successful launch of the strategic plan experience, Monmouth and DefinedLogic continued to strengthen our digital partnership. This has included a close collaboration with the university’s central marketing and communications group. After performing a digital brand engagement assessment, we continued to evolve Monmouth’s primary .edu website.

Monmouth EDU news & events comps and wires

Using our DLUX method, we defined a mobile-first solution for optimal experience across all screen sizes.


All primary pages in the navigation of were redesigned using a graphical format that encourages quick scanning of content. Visual language links to relevant sub-pages creating a gateway effect. For example, the new Admissions experience offers one scrollable page that gives prospective students a feel for what Monmouth offers. It uses various images and graphics to drive prospects to information that is most relevant. A grid layout creates a fully-responsive multi-device approach to content display.

Our design work with Monmouth has extended outside of digital to help the university build brand awareness. Based on our evolution of the brand through digital experience design, we have supported development of print materials and, notably, a billboard in New York’s famous Times Square. Our Coastal Class executions have helped drive a record number of applicants to the university.

Monmouth EDU inside monmouth page


Although Monmouth had an existing content management system, the site did not leverage all of the platform’s capabilities. Multivariate testing now provides metrics and personalized content can be served based on various measures, such as geographic location and referral source. An “inquiry widget” also was built to influence more high school students to contact university staff earlier in the decision process.


Our digital strategy and content team developed Inside Monmouth—a new content section created not just to tell, but to demonstrate the breadth of opportunities available to students, faculty and alumni across the entire university community. Eighteen themes were chosen to highlight the Monmouth Experience through mid-length human-interest stories and accompanying news, highlights and accolades relevant to each theme. This serves as the foundation of a broader content marketing platform under development with the university’s marketing and communications group.


DefinedLogic used Google technology to implement event-coding to track engagement in the new digital experiences. We also completed a custom configuration of Google Analytics specifically for Monmouth to give stakeholders across myriad departments access to easy-to-use BI dashboards.

Higher Academic Reputation

Our initial shared vision created in cooperation with Monmouth leadership has created a more immersive digital experience and more effective digital brand engagement earlier in the prospective student journey. We continue together to realize the power of digital for building brand reputation, community connections and long-term brand affinity.

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