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Using Digital Analytics to Improve Customer Engagement

Whether it’s continuous optimization of search algorithms or technological change like voice-user interfaces, the digital behavior landscape is ever-changing. Through the change, one thing remains constant: Experience is king.

There is no substitute for empathizing with your prospective customers, understanding what they want to accomplish and how they want to interact with your brand. For a business, the obvious sum of the value of that engagement is revenue. How efficiently you create and manage that engagement determines ROI.

Following, at a high level, is how we use digital analytics and data-driven marketing to improve the efficacy and efficiency of digital brand engagement… with measurable financial results.

The Customer Journey

The information users look for during the customer journey is different at the beginning than it is at the end. We create a content strategy that is influenced by the user’s journey and the overall topics that match the intent of a user, how that intent changes over time and what specific language they use.

We do this by deeply analyzing search trends and the brand competitive landscape to develop content tied to experiences that answer user questions in the most effective way. We then deploy event tracking to monitor and optimize our activation strategies and UX designs, learning more about customer engagement and conversion behavior for optimization.


Awareness | Informational Unbranded

Consideration | Navigational Branded

Decisional | Transactional Branded


Digital Personas

Combining any first-party profile data collected from a DMP or CRM with website traffic analytics and actionable 3rd party activation data allows us to create digital personas for our target market. Once we create our persona, we can better understand the thought process customers go through during their journey and how best, and when, to communicate with the target market. The digital persona is not only the foundation of our digital advertising profiles, it informs the most effective messaging and terminology needed to motivate the user to take desired actions.

Tracking, Insights + Optimization

We are not only tracking surface level analytics (impressions, bounce rate, traffic); we are looking to uncover deeper behavioral insights. We seek to uncover what is occurring across marketing channels, devices and experiences. We want to understand the impact of our marketing campaigns on each step of the customer journey. By implementing a data-driven approach with the appropriate analytics event tracking, we uncover valuable insights that drive measurable results and optimized ROI.


Real Results

We achieved the below results in different industry sectors using the same tactics mentioned in this article.


Client #1

Total Traffic

increase in users

Organic Traffic

increase in users to the site

Conversion Rate Increase

Organic + Paid


Conversion Rate  5.5% for 2018



Client #2

Total Traffic

increase in users

Organic Traffic

increase in users

Conversion Rate Increase

Organic + Paid


Conversion Rate  4.8% for 2018



Client #3

Conversion Rate Increase

increase in users

Conversion Rate Increase

Organic + Paid

Conversion Rate  45% for 2018


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