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Enterprise Web Consulting

When Fortune 500 companies need to renovate their web sites, they trust DefinedLogic to provide solutioning, architectural strategy, and teams to implement the solution. Our Business Analysts, Information Architects, and Project Managers help companies integrate the sites of acquired companies, add e-commerce or account management functionality for the first time, and implement responsive design to support mobile users.

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Application Development

For mid-market and large organizations in need of custom software development to improve their operations or seize a new business opportunity, DefinedLogic develops mission-critical, web-based and mobile technology solutions that generate measurable results. Our teams architect the best solution, leverage deep technical expertise, exercise tight project management, and deliver quality software on time.


Digital Brand Engagement

Many brands are starting to harness the power and meaningful engagement of new digital experiences. Whether creating high-ROI social engagement campaigns with micro-sites, driving motivation through gamification, or developing web sites with award-winning user interfaces, DefinedLogic helps consumer brands achieve their digital objectives.

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Latest Blog: Getting Creative with Public Data in Software Apps

Molecule And Communication BackgroundEvery day, the pool of data that is publicly available grows. As developments in big data enable us to harness the power of this growing pool of data, interesting applications are emerging that marry established processes to publicly available data in new combinations.

An Example: BuyPartisan

A recent interesting example of this is an app called BuyPartisan, which allows you to scan the barcode of a product and get information about donations made to political parties by the company that made the product, and also by the company’s CEO, Board of Directors, and employees. Matthew Colbert, who developed BuyPartisan, says the objective of the application is not to sway buying decisions towards one political party or another, but to reveal information for those that might be interested in factoring the information about political donations into their buying decisions.

Thinking About Other Possibilities

This leads me to think about other possibilities to marry established processes with information that is out there publicly in the cloud of big data.

I have a friend who chose a neighborhood in which to live by driving around during election season and observing the campaign signs on the front lawns. In this way, she successfully made her new home in an area full of like-minded people. That process could be supported online if Zillow, a real estate shopping website, integrated voter registration data into their online shopping experience.

What other established processes could be enhanced with the data about donations made to political parties? I mentioned house hunting, but maybe job hunting, if you’d like to work for a like-minded company.

Thinking about it another way, what other public data could you marry into a shopping experience? Property tax records? Historical weather? Census data?

Amazon Web Services offers an index of public data sets. Check it out and see if it inspires you to think of new applications for public data. And please share your ideas below. The possibilities seem endless.


DefinedLogic Helps ReD Win Innovation Award

DefinedLogic recently helped ReD, a provider of fraud prevention and payment services, win the 2012 HP AllianceONE Partner of the Year Award for Innovation. We’re proud to showcase our success in this Spotlight to highlight how we might be able to help you with your significant application development challenge.


ReD is a world leader in credit card fraud prevention and payment services, protecting billions of transactions annually. Completely independent, ReD is present at every stage of the payments value chain, supporting merchants, issuers, acquirers, processors, and switch networks in the fight against illegal transaction activity.

Business Challenge

Credit card fraud continues to increase and is predicted to cost more than $10 billion by 2015. As a leader in combatting fraudulent activity, ReD’s PRISM suite of products offers powerful transaction monitoring and risk management solutions for their end clients. But with the increased sophistication within card fraud, ReD needed to enhance its technology for both real-time and near-real-time processing.


DefinedLogic’s Solution

ReD engaged DefinedLogic to help define, architect, and build the PRISM Real Time solution, a product that would make the PRISM suite more robust. A dedicated team of Business Analysts, Information Architects, System Architects, and Project Managers were brought in to “whiteboard” the solution with the client team. Within one month, DefinedLogic was able to begin application development on a system that enabled decisioning for millions of transactions per day, at less than 250 milliseconds per transaction.


The PRISM Real Time application upgraded ReD’s product suite for monitoring and risk management — combining dynamic neural network technology, rules-based strategies, and intelligent data-mining for exceptionally rapid detection of fraudulent transactions. The solution dramatically reduces fraudulent activity while controlling chargebacks and the ability to maximize genuine transactions. This powerful application upgrade helped ReD win the 2012 HP AllianceONE Partner of the Year Award for Innovation.